Five in Friday: Family Fun

So I'm going to make this quick - I'm in the car (passenger seat!) typing with my thumbs. Ignore the typos please! We're all dressed up for a night in the city - it's my sister's engagement party and I'm so happy for a grown-up night out.

I realize that it's Saturday but in finite if Family Day here in Ontario on Monday, here are some affordable family fun boredom busters:

1) Teddy Bear Picnic - great for the under 6 crowd. Simple fun that encourages you to use your imagination. Grab a quilt, your favorite stuffy, some honey sandwiches and lay out your spread and enjoy!

2) Slumber Party - stay in your pjs, build a fort, tell silly stories and don't forget the microwave s'mores.

3) Family Game Night - break out the board games, start a tournament on the Wii. Encourage your kids to take turns, play fair and the rediscover the importance of laughter.

4) scavenger hunt or any variation thereof. Got some pirates? Draw a map and make sure there's some hidden treasure to discover at the end. Looking for dimple? Sometimes we play the uninspired Alphabet Game - search the house or neighborhood for all the letters A to Z.

5). Movie Marathon - let everyone pick their faves (no complaints!) get your comfies, order pizza, pop the popcorn and settle in for mindless together time. Cuddles in the couch are a definite must!

Happy family Day - enjoy the ones you've got!


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