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The Vintage Pearl: BIG giveaway!

I love my monkeys and my hubby. They mean the world to me. So once upon a time I ordered a necklace from The Vintage Pearl with their names on it. Everytime I wear the necklace, people comment on how much they love it. And it reminds me how much I love them (the boys). And then I remember how much I love the products offered at The Vintage Pearl. So I browse the site and want to get more custom jewelery. Or buy gifts for people (my mom got each of the grandkids' initials on hers for Christmas.) Ooooh, I love shopping! Anyhow, check them out - they're doing a fabulously huge giveaway for their blog readers: The Vintage Pearl: happy birthday to me. (BIG giveaway!) Good luck!

Breakin' In

It's March Break/Spring Break here and woohoo - the weather, with the exception of today's off and on drizzle, has been cooperating!  What gorgeous SPRINGlike days we've been enjoying.   The kids (my monkeys and a couple of daycare sidekicks) were so thrilled that we got to spend hours outside on Monday - the playground was damp & spongy but with rain boots, who cares? And we broke out the chalk (it looks like we had a rash of bodies dropping dead on the driveway!)  We went for a walk and just enjoyed the fresh air without freezing - we even survived without mittens - wow!

Yesterday was a trip to the mall to buy new runners for the boys - we tried their 'old' ones on and it resulted in tears and squishy toes.  I think they've both had growth spurts.  Can you believe that with just a tad more than 18 months between them, they've got the same size feet?  And wanted the same shoes?  And they're both in that awkward phase between 'toddler' shoes…

Potty Talk

I've reached a new low and will be dedicating today's post to toilet seats.  In my own defense, when you're outnumbered 3-1 in the male/female ratio, 'potty talk' becomes the (unfortunate) norm. 

Today we took a quick trip to Home Depot to buy a replacement seat for our ensuite toilet.  (We also had to replace the patio door handle because I broke the actual handle right off last week - but that's another story!)  The builder-grade seat that came with the house has turned colour and started to peel - odd considering it's the least-used bathroom in our home.   

We thought it would be a quick in and out - I mean how many toilet seat options can there really be?  And then reality hit and we remembered that nothing is ever a quick in and out with two monkeys in tow, multiple bathroom trips, an overwhelming level of energy and a wall of toilet seats.     We found what we needed - budget friendly basic white but this is what caught my eye:

I know - it's a to…


I feel like I've been neglecting my blog.   I think that sometimes life just gets busy and alot of things get the out-of-sight-out-of-mind treatment.  (You don't even want to imagine the piles of laundry I have stashed in my room awaiting the closet?)   I know I also ebb and flow in regards to what gets that precious slot of free time - somedays I want to browse, somedays I want to craft, somedays I want to write, somedays I want to organize and clean (what!?!), somedays I want to curl up with some good books.  
So no regularly scheduled programs this week (or last for that matter.)  You're just out of luck until my frame of mind changes, I suppose.   On a side note, my meal plan this week is semi-existant... but because it's week 2 of the big grocery shop, it's not exciting - pasta, chicken, chicken soup, pasta again, chicken again, and whatever else I can scrounge up from the freezer and my pantry.
Here's some of the cards I've completed recently but have…