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Summer's End & A Need For Change

I'm finding after a very busy summer and seven years in the same home that I'm craving change!   The small changes come with the stealthy approach of autumn weather, the start of a new school year (with both boys in school at least part of the time!) and little projects around the house.

It's not feeding the need, though - I want bigger, better changes, not just normal routine-of-life-blink-and-you-miss-it change.  I want to move.  Very badly.  Soooooo... we're on the property hunt!  And after walking through one house after another, we've come to the realisation that small budget means it's hard to find everything on our checklist - nevermind the wishlist!   So we keep looking.  No rush.  At least we're headed in that direction.

Anticipating a move also means my daycare days are coming to an end.   I can't say I'll miss it (although I'll miss the somewhat reliable income!)   My families have all been made aware that we're getting antsy and…