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Snow day

We're a "north of 7" school.  Snow days when the rest of the board has bus service.  Lazy days of PJs, video games, movies, and an enforced "Go outside!" - just to keep mommy sane.  At the moment, it looks like someone cut open a down pillow and is shaking it overhead.  Huge snowflakes - at least twoonie sized - are falling very, very quickly.  It's peaceful and intriguing.  My camera doesn't capture the beauty. It's days like today that I'm thrilled with our decision to live in the country... at least until I have to try leave the driveway.

Only I...

Would buy a pair of jeans online, to find they didn't fit, and forget to return them.  (If any of you have ever heard my tale of the lost favourite mitten story, this will not surprise you!)In August, I ordered a cute pair of skinnies from Bootlegger.  On clearance.  With an extra discount. And no shipping. Sweet!   Alas, when they arrived, my thighs and waist did not agree with them.  Sadly, I tucked them in a bag to return in store next time I happened to head to the mall.  At some point I placed the bag in the car... so I wouldn't forget to return the jeans.  But the bag decided to hide out in the passenger seat storage compartment... which apparently, O rarely open.Today, I was running into the grocery store with my mim and asked if she needed bags.  (I keep a couple extra tucked into above-mentioned compartment for the times I forget my stash.)  Well!  Imagine my surprise when I find a bag with the skinnies (that I don't even remember buying!) They've been under m…