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Another creation

I have been steady with my Wisdom & Whimsy creations but this is ine if my recent faves.MDF painted with an off white, vinyl letters as a mask, topped with a coat of espresso, sanded to distress a little, then sealed.  It looks amazing and I'm a little jealous it will be leaving our home.

Miss me?

So it's been approximately 3 months since I last blogged.  Some days I've thought "Oh, I need to share this..." and then (as always) life gets busy and composing a post just slips my mind.    So much has happened, but if you follow me on Facebook, you are probably on top of the latest gossip involving our lives anyhow.

I just recently switched (a week ago? maybe?) from my dinosaur vintage iPhone 3G.  It wasn't even 3 years old but man, oh man, it was starting to drive me nuts.  Now, in Apple's defence, the phone fell in the toilet twice, the dish water once, and was left in a stroller in the rain briefly.  It fell on gravel, store floors, concrete, hardwood, ceramic and grass.   Despite the scattered screen after a slip out of my pocket (iPhones don't bounce!) the touch screen still worked and with all the other mishaps, it held it's own.    That being said, it was 2 models behind when I got it (I think they just brought out the 4G)... and over the l…