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Menu Mayhem Monday: Week 5

The weather can't seem to make up it's mind.  Is it spring?  Is it winter?  Let's freeze one day, snow the next and melt it all down a few days later.   I find the weather actually affects my cravings and eating habits - and this wonky weather has me just as confused as it seems to be.   I want light spring-time meals, I want tummy-warming comfy food, I want someone else to cook for me for once!

I made it 2 weeks without doing a major grocery shop again (so proud!) - with just a quick run to replace some of the consumables (aren't all groceries consumable?  I don't think that's the word I want... but my brain is not cooperating this morning.)

Here is our mealplan for the next week aka - week 5:
Turkey Pasta Bake (made this last night so I just have to bake in the oven - hooray for easy meals!)Turkey StewTurkey Pot Pie (using leftovers from the Turkey Stew)Maple Chicken, Brocolli & RicePerfect Roast Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, Spinach Citrus Salad & Fr…

Wishlist Wednesday: It's A No Go

I'm skipping the wishlist today.   I'm seriously slipping because I skipped Monday's meal plan (we had enough groceries remaining from last week and dining misadventures that we're borrowing from the last one.)
Now that I think about it, Friday's post was a day late too!  Such is life in the Brown household.  Always late or off-schedule.  

I could take the time to come up with some wishes... but really I'm feeling satisfied today and there's nothing 'jumping' out at me that I 'want'.  Oh sure, there's lots that I want... just nothing to throw into a collage and talk about. 

I've been workin on more shower details for April - including the finishing touches on the last of the 40 handcrafted invitations.   For today, I've had it with ribbon, charms & embossing powder.  Our venue is booked (Aurora Seniors' Centre), colour scheme selected and I think we've picked the favours we're going to use.   We'll be throwi…

Five in Friday: Family Fun

So I'm going to make this quick - I'm in the car (passenger seat!) typing with my thumbs. Ignore the typos please! We're all dressed up for a night in the city - it's my sister's engagement party and I'm so happy for a grown-up night out.

I realize that it's Saturday but in finite if Family Day here in Ontario on Monday, here are some affordable family fun boredom busters:

1) Teddy Bear Picnic - great for the under 6 crowd. Simple fun that encourages you to use your imagination. Grab a quilt, your favorite stuffy, some honey sandwiches and lay out your spread and enjoy!

2) Slumber Party - stay in your pjs, build a fort, tell silly stories and don't forget the microwave s'mores.

3) Family Game Night - break out the board games, start a tournament on the Wii. Encourage your kids to take turns, play fair and the rediscover the importance of laughter.

4) scavenger hunt or any variation thereof. Got some pirates? Draw a map and make sure there'…

Wishlist Wednesday: Soul Seeking

So my week has not gone at all according to plan.   The boys picked up the sniffles (again!) somewhere, Kevin came home from work early on Monday - not because he loved me so much and just had to see me - nope, he came home with fever and chills.   *sigh*  (And, regretably, I was not a very nice wife nor happy camper with him...  as we - the boys and I - have all had multiple experiences with this bug since before Christmas and does Mommy get to tuck herself in for a sick day?   Not a chance... although I didn't have to do much for one half-day I had the stomach flu on a weekend last month.)  The daycare kids (and my own little monkeys) have been getting into squabbles and bouncing off the walls.  The dog has been extra-mischievous.  I've been a little morose or peevish.  I need to slap on my happy face and get over myself.  Easier said than done.

All of the above being said, here is my most recent wishlist- more abstract than tangible today.
I wish we would make it through th…

Menu Mayhem Monday: Week 3

Happy Valentine's Day!  I know that many think it's just another big Hallmark holiday but it doesn't have to be.  I realise that we shouldn't limit ourselves to expressing our love once a year but honestly - who does that?  Sure it can be gimicky and a big cashgrab but if you think outside the box you can express your love (today or anyday) without spending a dime.    I mean, really, we should be thankful more than just Thanksgiving but you don't see people boycotting the turkey!

We don't celebrate big (maybe when we were dating, I got the token romance and wooing) and from there it's usually been meals in, light a few candles.... but this week we're going for dinner (as a family) or Kevin's bringing home takeout - probably a good thing because I made it two weeks without doing a grocery shop (minus milk & fruit) although I varied from the menu quite a bit.  Kaleb says "We should go out, Mommy, so you don't have to cook and it's les…

This Little Princess

She finally decided to make her arrival (and she definitely deserves a post all her own!)

The wait is thankfully over (as I'm sure her mom will agree!) I'm an auntie again to a sweet little princess. Congrats to my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews (James, Krystel, Knightley and Hawksley) on the safe arrival of their baby girl, Tahlia Victoria! She was born this morning at 2:38am and weighs 7lbs 2oz.

We will make the drive to see them this weekend.  The boys and I are so excited to give her cuddles and kisses.  She's the first little girl in our family and will be treated like the princess she is!

Wishlist Wednesday: Kitchen Comforts

So today's post is a day late.... (a buck short and now I have a song stuck in my head!)   Yesterday just got away from me and I didn't have much time to relax.  I had a bunch of friends over for tea this morning/afternoon and I always feel obligated to give the house a more-thorough clean than my usual midweek clean for some reason.  Craziness when I look at what 6 kids managed to do in that short 1 hour post-school this afternoon... sigh!  

Anyhow, here are some of the things I've been wishing for when it comes to outfitting my kitchen:

Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System - I want to replace my first edition Tassimo which we never use and I love the features of this system, including the My K Cup feature and the great selection of flavoured K-Cups available. Hanging Pot Rack - I don't necessarily want this particular one but the idea of a pot rack always intrigues me, especially when I'm banging around in my overfilled cupboards.  I'd like a nice pot set t…

Menu Mayhem Monday: Week 2

It's the beginning of another busy week, after yet another busy weekend and who want's to think about cooking?  Not me... which is why tonight (in between post-school chaos and pre-family-haircuts) we'll be dining gourmet style, enjoying white cheddar mac-n-cheese (from a box!) and frozen pizza.  Yum.  (Blech!)

The second week after payday, I try to postpone the grocery expedition as long as possible and get us as close to the next payday as I can without doing a big shop.   This means my meals don't tend to be quite as creative though.  (Or maybe they're more creative...but not as exciting!)   Last week's meal plan went pretty well - although we didn't get to the Fiesta Chicken Soup.  In no particular order, here's what's on the current menu in the Brown household:

Week 2:
Mac-n-Cheese with frozen PizzaDutch Meatball Soup (I can never get mine to taste like Mom's, Beppe's or Oma's... what's the secret?)Shepherd's Pie (this will NO…

Valentine's Wooden Heart Wreath

Today, the boys - meaning Kaleb, Justin and the 9 year old who is spending the PA Day at our house - played board games and Wii.   This means while the 15-month old (who we also babysit) went down for his nap, I grabbed that spare hour to create this adorable wreath.  Total crafting time?  Less than an hour if you don't include waiting for the mod-podge to dry.

This is inspired by the Kaisercraft Star Wreath I've blogged about earlier (here) but this one is completely my own creation.

Supplies:  American Crafts Everyday Patterned Paper Pack, Craft Smart Acrylic Paint in Bright Magenta, Mod-Podge Matte Finish, Color Box Fluid Chalk in Charcoal, Celebrate It (Michaels) Basic Ribbon, DCWV Chipboard Glitter Alphabet -All Dressed Up,  assorted wooden hearts and 12" wooden wreath form from Michaels.
I have boys... not big fans of pinks or reds but I wanted a pretty Valentine's Wreath.  I decided to go with a fun and bright colour scheme and the AC Everyday papers were perfe…

Five On Friday: Book Baby

Who knew it would be so hard to decide on a quick topic, list-format, when the choices are endless?  Do I highight my favourite teas?  Animated movies I could watch over and over and over again? Favourite baby girl names? List my pet peeves?  Least favourite foods? It was a difficult decision but I narrowed it down and am happy to present  today's Five On Friday:  Book Baby.

We love to give books as welcome-baby presents.  They say it's never too early to foster a love of reading and on the off chance that the new parents aren't big book people, well at least baby's library has something in it! 

Baby Books We Love to Give:
1.  Love You Forever - Robert Munsch
2.  Guess How Much I Love You  - Sam McBratney
3.  Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? - Dr. Seuss
4.  Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes - Mem Fox
5.  I Love You:  A Keepsake Storybook Collection by Scholastic

This is by no means a definitive list.  I actually had a hard time narrowing it down to just five titles - w…

Wishlist Wednesday

Time for another new feature.  I figure if I know I have to come up with an entry on regular topics with a modicum (ooh fancy word!) of variety, I might just manage to not go weeks without blogging anything.  Welcome to the new installment of "Wishlist Wednesday".

Today's wishlist features built-ins, organization and decor I would love to see in my house one day:

1.  I'm craving wall to wall bookshelves in the living room.  Not quite sure how it would work as the window frame on the west wall sits under the recess of the bulkhead where the bookshelves would be.
2.  Cube display shelves.   Between the living room and so-called dining room we have a half-wall with no function whatsoever.  I would like to add cubes and possibly recessed lights to make it a display shelf of sorts.

3.  This picture doesn't quite show what I'd like, but it gives you an idea.  The depth of the fireplace and space between the windows would be ideal to incorporate some shelves or me…