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Midnight Ramblings

I am sitting in a VERY uncomfortable chair bedside in the ER with Justin.  The croup monster struck again... We've been treated and x-rayed and now we're patiently waiting under observation to make sure everything is good.  The doctors have warned it will be a very long night.  These chairs should have more cushion - it's not like anyone using them would want to plant themselves here long term.I've been browsing Pinterest, surfing old bookmarks, and seriously wondering why I left my Kobo at home. (I was lucky to make it out of the house in real clothes.)This fun link (ok probably not fun... but it's late/early and my entertainment threshold is very low....)  anyhow it's about making smart choices with ice caps. caps?  Healthy?  Probably not... but she breaks it down so you know exactly what you're getting and what it means.  I'm switching to chocolate milk base... wit…


Chicken is by far the largest percentage of meat we consume.  It doesn't seem to matter how I cook it, it's a meal the boys enjoy.  Happy dinner = happy mom!   Unfortunately, I get bored of chicken when it's the same old, same old.Some days, I'll throw a little bit of broth and some (4) boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot, frozen or thawed, high or low, cook until I think it's done (3-6 hours depending on the other variants.)  I then have precooked meat for other meals.On weekends by the time dinner time rolls around, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking.  So yesterday I did some crockpot breasts - we threw two into a creamy cheesy pasta and tonight I subbed the other two in this BHG Mango Chicken Salad with Coconut Recipe. I used a whole can of coconut milk.  I was missing a mango.  I added a bit of honey to sweeten.  I served it on tortillas (wraps) instead of lettuce.  The sauce was a little runny......but overall, it was a tremendous hit!  …