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Lucky, Lucky

This week, I've had some crappy days.  Not over-the-top horrible, nothing life threatening or catastrophic.  Just a run of little things to drive me batty or leave me frustrated.  And even though it's been a productive week because of the amount of work I've accomplished, it's been a non-productive week because I've been setting things aside to finish when I'm not ready to just tear it all apart!  So half-accomplished projects, but many on the go...

Earlier in the week, I entered a contest on Facebook.  I have NEVER, EVER won on FB, but figure if I want people to support my small business page, I should do the same.  And in the world of social media, activity is activity is activity, no?

Well.... I WON!!!!  Sarita Baby picked me (randomly) as the winner of their Sock Monkey clutch.  Which is absolutely perfect because I have two little monkeys who will think it's adorable (although they're not so little any more!)
I don't think I'll carry it ar…


This verse caught my eye, or perhaps my heart.  It was my verse of the day today from the handy Bible Android app I use (  (Side note:  my not-so-handy Android Blogger app keeps crashing so I've rewritten this 5 times!)

Proverbs 28:6 NKJV
Better is the poor who walks in his integrity Than one perverse in his ways, though he be rich.

In a society awash in mediocrity, ready to sugar-coat scandal, slingers of spin, where a little white lie doesn't matter unless your caught, in a society devoted to success at any cost, where status is based on wealth and appearance rather than accomplishments or character, this statement kinda makes you go, "Huh..."

Some days it's hard to remember that your actions speak louder than words.  Integrity & character go hand-in-hand along with honesty, truthfulness, principles, and being incorruptible (this sounds like a great group of superheroes... can you tell I have boys?)

I like the blurb from Wikipedia:  Integri…

Etsy Ecstasy

I love Etsy.  I could waste soooo much time just browsing and dreaming and bookmarking.  Never mind the time I could invest in curating treasuries, looking for specific products, or making my own Etsy store.   It's fabulousness at it's best!  You can't imagine the shriek - yes, I shrieked - when Kevin said, "You know they have an Android app for that site you're always on?"  Eeeeek!

I know friends, acquaintances, friends of acquaintances, and random strangers I've bumped into at craft fairs who operate as Etsy vendors.  (...aaand when I can find the time to finish the craft-room overhaul, Wisdom & Whimsy will be venturing onto Etsy as well!)  Here is my round-up of ecstatically exciting local favourites - Etsy style - from those friends, and friends of friends, etc.  

Sarita Baby.   I was first introduced to Sarita Baby at one of the local consignment shops when Kaleb (or maybe Justin) was first born.  I fell in love with their designer fabric minky bi…

Brainstorming: Holidays 2013

The holidays are all wrapped up... and I'm on a mission!  I have to admit I was horrible at sticking to my budget for Christmas 2012... I didn't use lists, I didn't track my receipts, and I'm paying for it (well Kevin is, much to his chagrin) now.   I resolve (yes, that's right - a resolution from one who procrastinates and never, ever keeps a resolution.  Maybe I'm just not so resolute in my resolving as I should be.)  But, yes, I resolve to stick to a plan... think beyond commercial... and stay in a budget for 2013 gift-giving.

So where does a girl begin?  I begin with plenty of time!  No last minute hmm-hawing a week before family gatherings.  Thus a brainstorm one night in January.

We buy gifts for the nephews and nieces.  On my side of the fam, I like to include a book in every gift because everyone should love books as much as Auntie Lindsey.  Everyone.  Unfortunately, I'm realising as the kid's are getting older, they don't want books - they …

Menu Monday: 2013

The craziness of the holidays are over.  Our family vacation is complete.  We've battled the flu (and various other ailments).  Last week my kids even made it through a whole week of school (a miracle, it seems this winter.)  With the craziness of life, we've been reaching for convenience - shopping without a list and thinking what's easy?  Our budget (and mealplan) have gone way off track.

Now that things seem to be settling into routine again, I took the time to write a grocery list and plan our meals for the next 10 or so days.  I always feel so much better when I have a full fridge, full cupboard and know we won't be eating pizza!  My latest grocery shop won't get me through completely - I'll have to run out for a top-up at some point - but the bulk of it is done and there is no pesky wondering about "what's for dinner?"

Here is our menu (in no particular order) to bring us through until next pay period:

Spicy Cashew Chicken with Cucumber Sala…