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Celebrating the Little Victories

I don't think I have discoursed much using this platform in regards to my health.  When I was 6 or 7 years old, (I honestly don't remember how long ago it was!)  I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  It is a disease that has gotten the best of me at times and there are times when I have willfully pretended that it has not affected me at all.   (Ahem... I'm looking at those teenage years - I survived by the grace of God!) In the last 30ish years, myths and management around the disease have changed.

There are a few *things* that drive me (and any other number of individuals with Type 1) crazy!  Most of them are actually recapped really well in this post on Everyday Health >  9 Things People With Type 1 Diabetes Wish You Knew

There are a lot of factors involved in management and we've come a long way since the 80s, baby.  Banting & Best are two names that will forever hold a place of gratitude in my heart... and despite my frequent complaints about the costs assoc…

What's For Dinner: Sweet Chili Poultry Wrap

First, and ever so important, this is a judgement free zone. Seriously.No judgement.If you can’t be kind in your thoughts and words, skip to another post.If you have a hard time looking at someone’s lifestyle and not comparing it to all they *should* be doing, then you might get a little worked up over this one.If you can’t look past that, I don’t suggest you proceed. If you do proceed and find yourself wanting to dish out non-helpful and self-important opinions, I definitely suggest you keep them to yourself.Sorry… not sorry. Food and nutrition are always touchy issues, but I’m not looking for a debate on how our family eats.

I will (unashamedly) admit that there are days I absolutely crave McDonalds, but when I hit the drive thru, there are actually only a few menu items I enjoy.Fries are a given once in a while (is it the sodium?) and I can go days with that hankering gnawing at me subconsciously – but in general, I think their fries are disgusting.
One of the few selections I do e…