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Rest In Peace

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at my parents' church in Vandorf (Whitchurch-Stouffville.)  A women's tea party had been organized and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of what's been on my heart for the last few months (or years.)

As women, we are expected to juggle so many balls and judged harshly and unfairly if we can't do it all.  We're lauded when we're super women, but criticized when our homes aren't spotless, our children aren't charming, or we don't look our best.   What we need is to acknowledge that rest is necessary and important and that we don't, in fact, need to do it all... let alone in our own strength.

I was nervous yesterday, but overall after watching the video my mom took, it went better than I thought.  My thoughts were *fairly* cohesive, I didn't use too many fillers, and once I got through the first few minutes, the nerves all but disappeared.  Regardless of  how well I performed (or di…