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Goodbye Goodnites!

My name is Lindsey and I'm the mother of a reformed bedwetter.  I hesitated to even post this online because the child who suffered with bedwetting is quite sensitive about it.  It didn't seem to matter how many times we tried to be reassuring or supportive. It didn't matter how many times we told him he wasn't the only one and that there's a significant family history of bedwetting.   Lately, it had become a BIG HUGE EMBARRASSING fact of life for the kid.After endless purchases of pull ups and goodnites, conversations with the doctor, trying to wake at regular intervals,  limiting drinks before bed, and (mistakenly) just winging it, we discovered a (highly expensive) product that saved the day (so worth it!)If you have an older bedwetter (remember my kids are 7&9... and in the interest of protecting the privacy of the one who dealt with this,  I'm not narrowing it down), give the Chummie Elite Bedwetting System a try.  We purchased ours on, albei…

Incredibly Delicious Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

I found a fabulous deal on a bread machine via just before Christmas and I've been using it sporadically for this and that.  Then Christmas and the various hosting opportunities arrived and I had no room for it in my kitchen so I placed it in the basement out of sight.   Last week, I decided to bring it up again and test some recipes.  Some were just "meh" (not horrible... but not delicious).   Others have been pretty darn good.  
These cinnamon rolls though... they go way beyond "pretty darn good" and right into "incredibly delicious."  I've been craving cinnamon rolls all week, but in my mind, they're a weekend treat.  This is probably because of the time factor involved.  I struggle enough to get three of us out the door with somewhat healthy lunches, a belly full, and hopefully teeth brushed.  If clothes match and we remembered our gloves, that's just a bonus.  Forget time to proof a batch of cinnamon rolls, bake them, and cl…

Smoothies and a Painting

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just want to crawl in bed and stay there?  Monday was a snow day, and as much as I love my boys, I don't always care for thw noise they create.  By Tuesday afternoon, I had a full-on pillow over the head, turn off the lights migraine.  The Advil eventually dulled the pain and my family should love me.  I sucked it up and managed to create a yummy dinner (tex-mex stuffed peppers) without vomiting or passing out.  That's a win, isn't it?By Wednesday morning I was feeling human and I made it through work and even had a productive day in the office yesterday.  (Oh, hey!  Guess what?  I have a new part-time admin job.... that works with our home life. Score!)  Despite feeling more human, the headache lurked... waiting to ambush me on my only free day (that would be today) - a day with a to-do list a mile long including some Wisdom and Whimsy deliveries.  (Sorry, Aidan!) So a wise girl rearranges her life... and puts on her sweat pan…