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Looking Back, Planning Ahead, and Being Present

I'm not big on resolutions (mostly because I am acutely aware that my staying power is laughable - good intentions and all that.)  However, I feel like I am in a constant state of assessment - what can I drop? Where can I improve? Why did I do that?  As this year comes to a close, I'm not sure I actually changed much at all over the last twelve months.  I know in some ways I've matured (impressive at 37 years of age!)  I know I've also found myself frustrated.  I've been craving change.  I've been dreaming.  I wonder about the next ten years.  I've tried to make small changes to improve things that I have control of.  Some days I've completely lost control of everything... hello, out of control spiral!

In the next year, without making actual resolution declarations, these are the reflections I'd like to embrace.

Simplify.  Life, home, habits.  Just stop overthinking, overdoing, and indulging in over-consumerism. Find myself.  I really can't stand…

Book Review: One Last Summer - Victoria Connelly

I've finished up another new NetGalley title that perhaps captured me enough that I was grateful for yet another morning to sleep in.   It's just so hard to put a good book down when you're cosy in bed and the novel is gripping.  The night light features of my tablet mean I can read all night long without being a disturbance.  As much as I love a real book, there are definite bonuses to e-books.
Victoria Connelly is an author I just discovered through this NetGalley request and I'll be adding additional copies of her titles to my to-be-read shelf.  While reading One Last Summer I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to call each and every one of my friends who has ever meant the world to me and to also live life to the fullest as if tomorrow were an unexpected gift.   

It was a moving tale with flawed characters (man, I wanted to smack those girls sometimes) which made them feel very real.  The prose was descriptive and I felt like I too was vacationing alongside friends of t…

Book Review: Who I Am With You - Robin Lee Hatcher

A few days ago, I looked at all the books on my bookshelf that have not been read, and then I opened my Google Books app, followed by my Kobo app, followed by my Amazon app, and thought, as I browsed the hundreds of unread titles available to me, that I just didn't have anything to read.

For a non-reader, I'm sure this sounds absurd - hundreds of titles, but nothing to read?  How can that be?  It's much like a woman with a walk-in closet full of amazing clothes and shoes who just can't find the right outfit.  Or my kids after we've done groceries and have a fridge full of food who can't quite find something to eat.

So I joined NetGalley as an attempt to prevent any droughts in my reading choices.  I requested a fine number of books, and much to my surprise was awarded the privilege of reading more than I expected within the first 24 hours.  Now I feel pressure... must read the books.  Must do them justice.

The first title I chose to read was Robin Lee Hatcher'…