Words To Live By:

"The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you finish the work."

Saturday, April 30, 2011

An EGGciting Project

I keep forgetting to post about this project.  I really didn't get "into" Easter this year.  We read our (many) Bible stories before bed each night to remind the boys that the Easter Bunny is not what it's all about.  Kaleb gave us his extremely simple version of the meaning behind the day (which branched into a rabbit trail on Christmas - my clever little boy really does listen!)

We dyed and decorated eggs, did the egg hunt on a  small scale, we had simpler than usual Easter baskets and even craft-wise, we didn't really do anything too exciting.    My one big concession was this wreath that I started when I was still feeling gung-ho (who came up with that expression?) about spring and Easter and crafts in general.  This was begun before I tackled all the shower stuff that sucked the creativity out of me for a couple weeks.  

One night I was supposed to be sorting my tax paperwork...but I got distracted!  I saw the foam eggs (which I had already painted with acrylic paints I had on hand - mixed with white acrylic to tone down the colours.  I had also already sprayed them with adhesive and shook them in coordinating glitter), and realised I should finish the Easter project with at least some time to enjoy it before Easter!

I was originally going to glue the foam eggs to a grapevine wreath a la inspiration from HomeSense or Winners but the grapevine wreath I had on hand was larger than I wanted.    I had a foam wreath that I hot-glued the completed eggs to and added a bow using ribbon from my stash.   It isn't perfect - the paint process needs some perfecting and I ran out of decorated eggs (which you can't tell in the picture - it just needed another row towards the back to hide the green foam base.)   It was an easy project... but not one I'm sure I'd repeat.   So EGGciting!

Here Comes The Sun...

I love when the sun comes to spend the day.  It was so gorgeous out there and after a week of gloomy days and cooped up kids, we needed that sunshine just to make us smile.  However, life seems to get in the way of simple pleasures and by the time we jockeyed between swimming lessons, the grocery store, doing laundry and sorting toy boxes, the day seemed to slip away.   Why can't the days of the weekend have an extra couple hours to them?   Oh well, tomorrow's another day and hopefully we can catch some play time and bask in that golden glow!

Here's a little secret:  my baby boy is turning 4 next Saturday!  He's stubborn, he's grumpy, he's devious... He's clever, he's funny, he's ALWAYS hungry... He's all ours and we love him! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Showers...

This weather sucks!  Although, for a few hours this morning we actually had some clear skies and we didn't have to wear mittens - woohoo!  Now, as I'm ready to kick the boys into the backyard for some fresh air before the thunderstorms arrive (again), the clouds are rolling in and it's getting dark out there!  Too late!  We've had so much cold weather... and if it hasn't been freezing, it's been raining - spring seems to be taking it's sweet ol' time this year.

I've been neglectful in my blog-mistress duties!  It's been crazy busy around here (when isn't it?!?)  I thought with the bridal shower out of the way (keep reading for details & pictures!), life might just slow down a wee bit.   That was wishful thinking.  With California dreaming, some kids returning from mat leave, trying to organize my tax info, sort-of spring cleaning and all the regular stuff on the go, I find I'd rather sit down and get a mini-escape in a book than absolutely anything else - and that's usually after getting up at 6:30 and go, go, go all day til kids are tucked into bed, house gets tidied for the night and I finally get to sit on the couch uninterrupted for more than 5 minutes - sometime around 9 pm!

So... as I've been rather distracted/preoccupied/neglectful, I'm a few weeks overdue on posting pictures from the shower.    We had a fantastic turnout for our tea-shower themed party.  The bride-to-be, my sister, Becky, was spoiled and I'm thrilled it was such a successful event!

The invite:

The bride-to-be:

2/3 of the Bridesmaids (the other girls aren't local):

Best Wishes Banner & Gift Table: 

Food Table & Congratulations Banner:

Plants (courtesy of Mom) that went home as favours:

We offered a few different types of tea, had a pot of coffee going and we did a raspberry iced tea for those who didn't want something hot.  We rented a room at the Aurora Seniors' Centre - which ended up being an excellent venue!  We had 5 round tables (pink tablecloths with plants above as centrepieces), 3 banquet tables (beverages, food & gifts - with black tablecloths and skirts), approximately 40 guests and a ton of fun!   Our local party store rents out dishes & cutlery so I splurged on actual teacups, saucers, and teaspoons for a slightly classier touch.  The decor was simple, sticking to a pink & black theme reflected in the invites.

I created the banners using my Cricut, cardstock & some ribbon.  I cheated with the lettering - I found some adhesive letters in the 'school project' aisle at Walmart on clearance -woohoo!  It still seemed to take forever to cut out and assemble what I had but I absolutely love how they turned out.

For an extra keepsake for Becky, I also created colour-coordinated "Advice for the Bride-to-Be" cards - an idea I stole from an old back issue of Scrapbooks Etc.   Part of Beck's gift from me was a set of hand-crafted thank you cards (postage stamps included!) using the same colours again, hand-stamped with ribbon.   Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of both projects before the big event.  Whoops!

On the gift table, I decided to take advantage of Kev's business resources and created a small black & white poster with various photos of the happy couple (sourced from Facebook, of course) tiled with a cutesy sentiment.   I 'borrowed' a table-stand from Kemik and it was a nice addition to the overall decor.  Using hand-crafted for all those extra touches means quite a bit of extra work - but it lends it a special touch that hopefully reflected how special we think she really is!

My favourite photo of the day:

He's just might have been the cutest guest there - of course, I'm a little biased :)  Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Menu Mayhem

...or whatever it's called, I feel like I haven't posted one in a long time!

Here is our mealplan for the week:

• shepherd's pie
• Italian turkey sausage & pierogies
• roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, and strawberry spinach salad
• peanut chicken (from leftovers), coconut rice & broccoli slaw
• tacos
• pasta
• chicken strips, roast potatoes, fresh veggies & Salad

I'll be celebrating bridesmaid style this weekend so Kevin will have to fend for himself. I have my doubts he'll be sticking to the plan. Can you say KD or McDonalds drive-thru?