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Menu Mayhem Mondays

I think this will be another regular feature... first you've got your "Five On Friday" and now you'll get "Menu Mayhem Monday".   I used to (at one time or another or another) actually plan our meals for the week,  flip through collected recipes, assemble a grocery list, buy the actual required groceries and be able to look at the fridge any one day and choose from multiple meal options (including a spare) - all with the confidence that I wouldn't run out of item A or  ingredient B at any time during prep.  Then life took over and I lost one more aspect of my organization and the grocery store blitz or quick run for bread/milk/eggs became the norm, mealtime became a disaster and we often have too much of this or not enough that in the cupboards at any given time.

So... duh, duh, duh, DUH... without further ado, I present my week of meals, as planned yesterday for "Menu Mayhem Monday",  a collection of 7+ meals to get me through the week's…

L♥VE Is In The Air

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  I know many view it as just another over-commercialised Hallmark holiday and think we should express our love and appreciation for the important people in our lives on a regular basis (and I tend to agree in theory)... BUT it's also an excellent excuse for some extra-special themed family time, crafting with the day care kiddos, yummy menu planning and on-my-own projects. 

As I searched for some creative inspiration, I came across a few fun projects that we'll be trying.  I also found some fun new blog favourites that I've added to my reading list.  There are so many thrify/organized/talented/creative people in this world.    It makes me realise that I have a long way to go to perfect my skills and I need to take some serious time to find a place for everything (although have the battle is keeping it there!) I also need to 'think' more before jumping into things... planning things out, looking at alternatives, etc.  …

Five On Friday: Destination Fiction

I've decided to add some regular installments to my blog.   The first is going to be "Five On Friday", a quick-read Top-5 list featuring whatever strikes my fancy each week.   For our premeir Five On Friday, I'm featuring something I often dream about - read on!

Top Five Destinations I'd Like To Visit
As Influenced By Fiction

In no particular order:

1) Vienna, Austria
2) Puget Sound region, Washington State
3) Italy
Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada
5) Outer Banks, North Carolina

Now, who'd like to contribute to my travel fund?

My Kids Crack Me Up

Ok... just a quick little funny. 
My knowledge of the current pop music scene is pretty much nil.  I couldn't tell Justin Bieber from Miley Cyrus.  Unfortunately, the kids who infiltrate our home we have the privilege of watching each and every day have provided a little bit of pop exposure in their karaoke-style renditions of some hits that I have never heard before.  Yes, I live a sheltered life.

Well, Justin (my Justin that is) thinks it's just wonderful that there is someone out there named Justin "Beaver" who sings.  He even knows a line "Baby, baby, baby, ooooh!" which I hear repeatedly throughout the day.  That's it, just one line.   The funny thing is he croons it out pretty well... he gets that "ooooh!" just right and does it quite loud and then refers to himself as Justin "Beaver."  *sigh*

Kaleb provided the humour, beyond Justin belting it out during lunch today, by changing the lyrics.   He has his mommy's love for p…

Pretty Projects... & A Failure! (AKA I Can't Always Be Perfect)

First off... I'm anxiously excitedly awaiting the arrival of my new little niece.  C'mon honey!  We want to meet you, cuddle you and smother you in kisses xoxoxo.   Keeping my brother and his family (and more specifically, my sister-in-law) in my thoughts and prayers as the countdown continues.   It will be so much fun having a princess to spoil!
Second... I wish I could sew.  Seriously, I own a sewing machine but I can't sew a straight line if my life depended on it.  A class is on that to-do list... but that to-do list is a mile long!

Third:  I'd really like to master the paper rosette (as shown on the Dream, Create, Inspire blog.)  Mine always come out lopsided and not-so-pretty.  I think this is probably one goal I should be able to get right.  Darn it, I will get it right!  Nothing will stop me and you'll see these pretty paper pieces popping up all over my do-it-yourself projects.
Ok, next... while Kevin was gone I thought I would find more time for projects ga…

Boy, Oh, Boy!

Lemmetellya, boys are a handful the best of times, especially my two little monkeys (who I'm realising aren't so little anymore!)  Kevin is in Ypsilanti, MI, training on a new printer.  He left Monday morning for work and from work that afternoon, headed to the States.  I've been parenting on my own since then and being left with the two of the boys 24 hours a day for more than one day running gives me a healthy respect for single parents who manage to hold it all together.  The first two days were fine but this morning, both boys were cranky and they seem to have developed the ability to block out Mommy's voice - everything from simple instructions ("Put on your socks.") to simple questions ("What do you want for breakfast?") to simple rules ("Hands off!) has been met with temper tantrums, tears, screaming and more.  The bickering and obnoxiousness is at an all time high today and I'm eagerly awaiting bedtime just for some silence in the h…

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Some days you just have to remind yourself to be happy.... when everything going on around you makes you feel anything but!   The last few days have been going like that... no one thing, but a bunch of little things, a tired mom (so sick of flu germs, cold viruses, and tummy bugs!), and the feeling like your at the end of your rope and it's slowly slipping through your fingers.   

I say we all just need some sun, some sand, some pina coladas.   But for now, I just keep trying to look at the little things making me smile.  Like the adorable things my kids say.  They make me laugh multiple times a day.   Like how much I love my Kobo eReader (using Adobe software not Kobo software) and the fact the library is not only now offering eBooks but has actually updated their selections so I don't have to wait weeks to check out a book.  Like a Starbucks grande white mocha peppermint frappucino.  (To keep the smile I try to avoid thinking about the carb and calorie factor in that last o…

Hello, New Year!

I realise it's been awhile since I last posted but we've had a busy month and a bit around here.   We've been on-the-go enjoying multiple Christmas get-togethers with family and friends, fighting an on-going battle with germies, and taking some much-needed downtime doing absolutely nothing.

We had enjoyable, but extensive, Christmas celebrations but got to enjoy a quiet Christmas at home with just us.  We attended church Christmas eve where I learned my boys DO NOT sit well or quietly for more than 15 minutes!  We sure do clean up nicely though :)

New Years Eve was a quiet affair.  The monkeys were in bed by nine.  Kevin & myself quietly whiled the evening away and brought in the New Year with not much more ado than a kiss.

The New Year always brings to mind resolutions and fresh slates.  I'm not much a 'believer' in resolutions, probably because I tend to forget about them.  This year, there are no resolutions per se, just an intention to be a happier per…