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Enjoy The View

I am a firm believer in routines, schedules, to-do lists, plans, and organization.  It keeps me sane and helps me manage my natural chaos.  I feel like those who have creative bents tend to need structure to be productive in tasks that might otherwise seem mundane.  Who wants to fold laundry when there's a book of beautiful words to get lost in?  Who wants to make a grocery list when there's paint to apply to a canvas?  I haven't given this much thoughtful study, so perhaps it's just me - but I know in my own personal experience, I stress less when I have a system in place.

Those lists and routines keep me going.  I tend to have so much running in and out and through my mind at any given moment that a pen to paper approach (or finger to keyboard) help me stay on track.   I've discussed my need for meal plans ad nauseam (or to the point that it may make you wish to vomit - that's not dramatic at all.)  However, there are times when I love (read: need) to toss a…

Feeding Others As Feeding The Soul

When it comes to cooking, I have a love/hate thing happening.  You've probably already figured that out If you've read previous posts. If you asked me if I enjoy it, tonight's answer would be that I absolutely love it.  If you ask me tomorrow, my answer might be a vehement no.

As I've said over and over, meal planning (or at least a basic framework) is extremely helpful for me, but that doesn't necessarily translate to enjoyable.  What I have recognized the last few days is that when I know the food will be appreciated, truly savoured and even critiqued with care, that the preparation process is a bit happier.  Having fresh and versatile ingredients on hand is key.  I've determined that I enjoy spending time in the kitchen when I don't see the chaos of the rest of the house and dishes aren't piled up in the sink.  I also seem to enjoy it more when I allow myself time to just create. Quick meals are handy and wonderful, but give me a day when I have energ…