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Menu Madness

The weeks I write out a meal plan and grocery list are the weeks I actually stay in a budget of sorts and don't go mad when the dinner hour strikes.  I do meal plan most weeks, but the secret to this being successful for me is having an emergency meal or two on hand (something quick like grilled cheese or something frozen.) I've also started to include the boys in the decision making (and occasionally the prep depending on my mood.) I've also learned through trial and error that including classic, no-think meals is better than looking at my Pinterest boards and thinking I'm Martha Stewart.
Looking at the events of my week is also a big plus for being successful. There is a time for experimenting with something new, but if I'm having a week when I'd rather grab takeout than cook, all the meal planning in the world isn't going to help me.  I need easy, peasy, no fuss ideas... and I need to remember to thaw my meat.
I know it's only Wednesday, but it'…

Almost thirteen...

We are embarking on the next phase in our parenting journey... our oldest son is thirteen years old tomorrow!  At 6:09 a.m. on October 13, 2005, we welcomed our ridiculously large child into our arms - we could almost say his enormous size was indicative of how much our hearts expanded in love.  At 38 weeks, measuring 11lbs, 7oz weight, 24.8 inches in length, and a head circumference of 14.9 inches, we were grateful for a c-section (post delivery.)

 Kaleb's delivery story began with an unexpected visit to the Labour & Delivery ward after a sudden drop in blood sugar and extreme nausea in Mom the day before his birth.  This was one of the warning signs we were asked to watch for in our high risk pregnancy towards the end of term.   Tests were ordered, I was examined, and we proceeded with our scheduled BPP.  Fortunately, our actual Ob-Gyn was on call that day and he stuck around for much longer than most doctors would to ensure he was on hand to make decisions for our care.  Sh…

The Next Generation

Today I was part of a group that directs fundraising dollars towards different community projects.  Three organizations are nominated, presented to the group, and then we vote and the majority vote receives the fund.  Three times a year we gather to make a difference.  This is community. It's laughter. It's tears. It's support in so many ways. Our local youth drop in program (a program I also happen to have been a part of since its inception) was the fortunate recipient of tonight's generosity.

I am part of a community that understands the next generation is our future.  That understands the generation needs a reason to hope.  The next generation needs to know they are worth the investment.  So we give our time.  We give our money.  We give our attention.  We feed the body.  We encourage the soul. We build the future. One life at a time.

So many times we forget about the untapped potential and amazing gift that has been given to us in our children and young people.  W…

The End Is Near

"Last 90 days..." 
"Final quarter"
"How will you end the year?"

Anyone else finding little reminders that 2018 is very quickly coming to a close?  I'm seeing social media challenges, blog posts, videos and more about the last few months of the year with an emphasis on finishing up strong before jumping in new.

I'm climbing up on the bandwagon. This month, this quarter, I'd like to continue with my self-care, self-development, family-strengthening goals.  I want to live intentionally, carving out time for certain things like rest, creativity, and evaluating paths & purpose.

For October, with Canadian Thanksgiving approaching, a child about to celebrate his 13th birthday (how did that happen????), and multiple family occasions upon us, I will focus on being thankful.

I will spend time each day with a pen & journal to jot down the small things I can appreciate, rather than focusing on my exasperation as life seems to be tumbling through …