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A Quiet Moment With A Traditional Cup Of Cocoa

Sounds relaxing, doesn't it?   Well let me tell you, it wasn't!  Selecting paint colours stresses me out.  I don't know why.  Maybe because I have no eye for decor and HATE the painting process - so whatever I choose, I'm stuck with until it's so bad I can't live with it anymore.   (Helloooo?!? 6 years in a 7 year old house and we still have builder white on the walls!)

Friday night we thought we'd get a start on our remodel beginning with a trip to Home Depot.  Usually I love browsing at Home Depot but Friday night we had two cranky kids with us who didn't want to sit still and then, after multiple trips to the bathroom, Mommy had enough, Daddy had enough and all we did was pick out our paint and supplies.     After all the suggestions on my Facebook note query, we opted for "A Quiet Moment" for the kitchen, with "Traditional" as our accent wall and "Cup of Cocoa" as our main colour throughout.    It sounds peaceful... ma…

Main Floor Pics

Living Room (Dining Room) from front entrance:

Carpeted Stairs - how should we cut the carpet?

Family Room (Great Room) from eat-in kitchen:

Looking through to front door from fireplace in family room:

Check out previous post for my design dilemmas!

Time Wasters, Fat Burning and Design Dilemmas

Who knew?!? Apparently Diana Ross is associated with the Supremes... not the Temptations.  I don't know my Motown but am finding Family Feud on Facebook (one of my new time-wasters) a great tool to point out that I:
a) don't think like the general population
b) am clueless when it comes to, well... alot of things!

My other new time-waster is the NY Times Crossword app for my iPhone.  Love it.  Also a big huge fan of Yahtzee (iPhone), Word Whomp (Pogo), and Bejewelled (Facebook & iPhone).   Hmmm...too many distractions in this crazy life!

I have to say with this wonderful weather, I've been heading outdoors a little more often and my reading has fallen by the wayside.  Yikes!  I feel like I've lost a friend.... but that Mr. Sun is just so warm and welcoming, my fingers itch to get dirty and my legs just want to wander so those books aren't calling as loudly.   I'm sure once the summer heat arrives, I'll be lounging with a book in hand and enjoying the s…

Blah, blah, blah... exactly how I've felt this week.  The kids have been miserable and bickering with one another non-stop.  The rain didn't help.   Thank goodness yesterday and today were a bit nicer.

In between early mornings, restless sleepers and a midnight trip to emerg with a croupy monkey, I've been feeling worn out.   I've been tired and cranky which turns into lazy!  So my house was a disaster too...  I know I should be positive and look at all the things I can be grateful for but it's been difficult to see the bright side of things the last few days.

I need to remember to cast my cares, stop worrying and follow peace.  To lean on others and not feel guilty when I need a break.    I've never been good with changes and decisions (as much as I can get quite excited about them!)   Here is what's been niggling at my brain this week:

* Justin... is sick again.  This kid doesn't seem to stay away from the sniffles for longer than a week.  As mentioned before, we …

Spring, Spring, A Marvelous Thing...

I'm so glad it's spring!   Sunshine, raindrops, cool breezes, green grass and buds galore!

I wrote a whole post and went to publish when Explorer decided to crash... so I'll recap our Easter activities here:

Celebrated afterschool with a houseful of kids.   We enjoyed yummy Easter egg cookies ("These are great!"  "No, these are better than great!"), painted ceramic egg banks (I'm still finding glitter all over my house) and went on an egg-hunt! Friday:
Took the boys to see "How To Train Your Dragon".  Cute movie, even if I missed scenes because  Monkey #2 had the wiggles and wouldn't stop talking!
Below is a picture of Justin earlier in the week enjoying a movie-themed Happy Meal.  He's a cute little Viking.
Saturday: Kaleb & I hit the mall after Mommy realised the monkeys needed a wardrobe rehab to deal with warm weather.   We were on the hunt for some pants that A) did not have holes in the knees or at the hems,  B) were n…