What's Your Brew?

I am by no means a connnoisseur of tea or coffee based beverages but I enjoy a well-brewed cup of tea and the occasional mocha or latte.   The debate on loose-leaf vs. bagged means nothing to me - I can hear it but I will still buy an occasional bagged tea if it sounds appealing.  I'm not a purist and will drink my tea black, milk and sugar, sugar, honey & milk, just honey - whatever tickles my fancy.

I've tried a few brands and flavours and am always itching to try something new.  I favour black and white teas to green teas and am trying to develop a taste for fresh-brewed ice teas not loaded with sugar.   My all time favourite tea is Stash White Christmas - a wonderful white tea blended with peppermint and ginger.   I've only tried their bagged variety but have a package of loose leaf just waiting to be sipped.

The hostess section at Chapters is always a delight to explore.  I've noticed the Tea Forte line but haven't tried it yet.   I find it's a visually appealing brand - the packaging just catches the eye.  I'm so very excited because on one of my discount shopping sites, the featured products were the Tea Forte brand - so I've placed an order and can't wait for it to come in!

There is nothing more relaxing or soothing to start, endure or end a stressful, busy day than to wrap your hands around a warm cup of tea, grab a good book and soak in the tub.   When I can't enjoy all three, I'll take the book and the tea - Canada's own Steeped Tea Ginger Peach is my brew of choice today.

Here are a couple sites offering first-hand reviews of a variety of teas and tips on brewing:
Teaviews  &  The Tea Review Blog 


  1. looking forward to having a tea with you...if only we lived closer! Love your talent honey!


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