Menu Mayhem Monday: Week 5

The weather can't seem to make up it's mind.  Is it spring?  Is it winter?  Let's freeze one day, snow the next and melt it all down a few days later.   I find the weather actually affects my cravings and eating habits - and this wonky weather has me just as confused as it seems to be.   I want light spring-time meals, I want tummy-warming comfy food, I want someone else to cook for me for once!

I made it 2 weeks without doing a major grocery shop again (so proud!) - with just a quick run to replace some of the consumables (aren't all groceries consumable?  I don't think that's the word I want... but my brain is not cooperating this morning.)

Here is our mealplan for the next week aka - week 5:
  • Turkey Pasta Bake (made this last night so I just have to bake in the oven - hooray for easy meals!)
  • Turkey Stew
  • Turkey Pot Pie (using leftovers from the Turkey Stew)
  • Maple Chicken, Brocolli & Rice
  • Perfect Roast Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, Spinach Citrus Salad & Fresh Cut Veggies
  • Pulled Pork, Fresh Rolls & Asian Coleslaw
  • Pulled Pork Pizza
& a spare:
  • Lasagna
All of it sounds delicious... although I seem to be going through a poultry phase. Strange!  I've never made the turkey stew or turkey pot pie but I figure it should be simple enough to substitute the turkey for the chicken in a couple of my no-fail recipes.  

Now that I've made up my mind, let's hope the weather will do the same...and preferably leaning towards spring!


  1. we did pulled pork in the slow cooker last week, i thought it was yummy, some of the others thought it was a bit to tomatoe saucey. Let me know how yours turns out, I may need to try your recipe in the future.
    xoxo mom


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