Fabulous Finds

I've never purchased on Etsy but I shop (window shop, that is) all the time.  Someone (my mother, perhaps?) asked what I look for and honestly, more often than not, I go to browse rather than looking for a particular something.    I look not only for things to buy but often to get some creative inspiration.

Here are some of my recent Etsy faves:

Garden Love Handmade Buttons
$8.50 USD
Seller:  Tessa Ann

These adorable buttons would look perfect adorning a spring-themed
scrapbook page or handmade card.

Reversible Fabric Organizer Bin
$18 USD
Seller:  Baffinbags

I would love to get some of these to organize the monkeys' room.  Also available in a variety of other fabrics - they're all just so appealing!

Tri-Fold Colouring Crayon Wallets
$15 USD
Seller:  GetSassed

These are a great idea for dinners out, waiting rooms and long car trips.  Super-cute to tote around as well.  Also available in other kid-friendly patterns.    These might just make it onto my stocking stuffer list!

Vintage Frame Chalkboard
$28 USD
Seller:  ShabbyChalks

Such a simple idea - especially if you have some extra frames lying around.   I would like to invest (or create) my own for my craft room.   

Cotton Dishcloths
$14 USD
Seller:  AnitaMeadeCreations

Just like Oma used to make...except these are knit rather than crocheted.   Still the best kind of dishcloth around!    Use the Etsy search feature and see how many others pop up.

I also love browsing the vintage.  I saw a fabulous dress yesterday and even more fabulous shoes - unfortunately both were too small and too pricey so I didn't bookmark as a favourite.   I can't find the photos today.

There are so many other lovely (and some not-so-lovely) products just waiting to be found.   You (well maybe not "you", but rather "I") could spend hours getting lost in the goodies just waiting to be discovered.  You can search by colour, just purchased, just added, location, keywords, etc.   Etsy is a world just waiting to be explored.


  1. I haven't browsed Etsy to this extent but your finds inspire me! I should let you pick through my collection of buttons that Oma saved to use for her lovely handmade creations.


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