Canada Remembers

The stories of those who have served our country in both World Wars has always caught my interest.  How easy to forget the willingness to serve and sacrifice, the bravery, the suffering that so many others faced while we sit in our comfortable homes untouched.

I am a member of the Canada Remembers group on Facebook.  When I logged in tonight, I saw the group had posted an article regarding the death of John Babcock, 1900 - 1910.   He was the last known Canadian World War I Vet.   I'm a softie and the thought that we have come to this end of an era brought tears to my eyes.

Here is a link to the full article on the Veteran Affairs Canada website:

To all the Veterans who have served, we remember your bravery and sacrifice.  Thank you, Mr. Babcock.  Your courage is inspiring.


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