I'm Smitten

I saw these mimiTENS mittens in an email from Savvymom and I have to say, they're ingenious!   Someone had their thinking cap on :)

Available in assorted baby (no thumb) and toddler sizes (with thumbs), they stop that whining about snow in the sleeve.    A similar idea to the long 'snowmobile' mitt but with an extra dash of cuteness and no zippers!   I absolutely love them.

Made of water-repellant nylon, lined with Thinsulate and bamboo fleece, and featuring extra-long cotton-lycra cuffs, they're a great idea for your cold weather adventurer. 

I prefer the girl selection to the boy but the designs ARE adorable.  They also carry a line of soft mitts, hats and scarves. The brand is a little pricey (unfortunately) - but if you had a kid who complained all winter long I could see the investment being worth it.  (Or maybe you're just a mom like me who likes to indulge in a little whimsy once in awhile!) 

Check out the full selection of mimiTENS on the website - it also provides a list of retail locations:  http://www.mimitens.com/

If you're feeling whimsical and plan to order, the SavvyMom bonus code is: savvy10 for an additional 10% off until March 19.  They'd make cute little stocking stuffers for that cute little monkey in your life!


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