Sweet Serenity

I don't often have music on in the house - I'm not exactly certain why, but I lean towards the reason having something to do with the chaos and noise that surrounds this household.   We're loud!    There is usually one afternoon a week that the house falls silent - Kaleb and the daycare kids are at school, I have no errands to run and Justin is quite content to hang out with Mommy.

These are the days I turn on the radio, pick a digital channel on Rogers or actually use my iPod or the iPod feature on my iPhone.   On a very rare occasion, I'll pick up one of the kids music cds or dvds (this depends on my patience level and weighing whether the entertainment value will outweigh the annoyance quotient).

 Today, I went even rarer and popped in one of Justin's PraiseBaby DVDs.   I highly recommend these for any Christian family with a baby or toddler in the house.  Justin is 3 and still cuddles up on the couch and even if he doesn't watch it, Mommy actually finds the combination of classic hymns and contemporary church songs quite soothing - a sweet serene soundtrack to balance my otherwise crazy, chaotic existance.


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