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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Charming Ribbon Bookmark Knockoff

I'm not sure I've ever tried (or successfully managed) a chain store knockoff before.   A few weeks ago, the boys and I were in Pier1.  (I think that trip gave me a heart condition - do NOT EVER - never, ever even - bring two rambunctious monkeys into a store filled with pretty expensive things.)   I have never said, "Stop touching."  "Look with your eyes!"  "Don't run."  so many times in one short span of time.

I  love Pier1, but for a mama on a budget who isn't quite sure how she wants to decorate her house, it can still be a bit pricey.   They have some fabulous items though - their decor, art, dishes, and accessories make me swoon a little when I meander through their greatness.   I even love their little tchotskys and giftables - which is what inspired this knockoff.

I love to read.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  This is just a fact of who I am.  As much as I like books, I loooooove pretty bookmarks.  Seriously.  I don't necessarily remember where I put them, but they make me happy.    I absolutely adored these:

And I thought that for $10 a pop, I could probably make a very similar version for a fraction of the cost.    Yes, and no....  I'll explain!

I ventured into Walmart & Michael's.  I picked out some pretty 5/8" satin ribbons that I loved (and then raided my stash when I got home for more variety!)   I also found some charms and oversize beads that I thought would work well together.  (I then came home and in my raid session found some I already had that were just perfect for this project.)  I had jump rings on hand.    All in all, after purchasing all the goodies for these bookmarks, I could have bought one for less than I spent total.

I cut my ribbon (5/8" satin) into approx. 32" lengths.  I couldn't remember how long the Pier1 bookmarks were so using the picture and an actual hardcover as a guide, I figured 32" would work.   I then slid a ring onto the ribbon halfway and folded the ribbon over - the rings I used were actually half of a toggle set clasp or some "o" shaped beads.   I added a jump ring if necessary and attached my desired charm.   I then slid an oversized decorative bead (think Pandora-ish) onto the folded ribbon from the open ends and slid it down.  I knotted the top of the ribbon haves together, snipped so I was left with approx. 14" length and heat-sealed the ribbon.   If you've never heat sealed a ribbon, it's easy - just watch your fingers!  Light a candle, bring the snipped end of the ribbon (one at a time) close to the flame - kind of on an angle - not directly above it.  Watch your fingers - and the ribbon - it's easy to singe and burn.  Burnt ribbon really smells!   You'll know you're doing it correctly as the cut ends curl up and turn kind of melted looking - this will prevent your ribbon from fraying.   And here is your finished project:

I made about 10 of these today and need to buy a few more supplies to make more - lots and lots more!  They were pretty simple, but it does take a bit of time.   They cost about half of what a Pier 1 bookmark cost per piece (not counting your time) and I think they're pretty darn close in the knockoff department.

I'm trying to create a whole bunch of these.  I need impulse buys for Wisdom & Whimsy tables at some fall/early winter craft shows.  I think they would make darling stocking stuffers for readers on your list or even great teacher gifts tucked into a package with a new bestseller and a Starbucks card.

Want to win one of the charming satin ribbon bookmarks I've already created?  Check out the contest (closes Saturday at 8pm!) on my Wisdom & Whimsy Facebook page.    Make sure you like the page and then add a comment below the photo of the bookmarks sharing your favourite title & author.


Karie Ball said...

That is where I was today! Loved the bookmarks and thought the same thing. And you are more brave than I. I have only brought one rambunctious boy in there and I will never do it again! Thanks for the pic. I couldn't remember exactly how they were put together.

Stacey Stewart said...

I wish the pics were available. I'd love to see them

Lee said...

Are you going to sell in bulk??. I am interested.. leothablanchard@gmail.com

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